Sultanpur: Weekend drive from Delhi

Where: Located on the Delhi-Jaipur Highway, just 50 km from Delhi.

Established in 1972, Sultanpur was upgraded to a National Park in 1991 . This reserve for the winged creatures has both winter and summer migratory birds like Siberian cranes, demoiselle cranes, ruddy shel duck, rosy pelican, mallard, pochard, teals, black winged stlit, greenshank, yellow and white wagtail, wood and spotted sandpiper northern pintail, long billed pipit, parakeets and many more.  Other wild life includes black buck, hog deer; stripped hyena; antelopes and money.

There is a tourist complex run by Haryana Tourism which has air-conditioned as well as general rooms. The facilities available there include bar, restaurant, and cottages for the guests. You can go to Sultanpur and choose to saty there for a weekend or plan a day trip.

Sultanpur Lake is the point around which the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary has been developed. The lake is a picnic spot for the residents of Delhi and boating facilities are also available here. The lake has a houses reptiles and migratory birds in plenty, during the winter season.

The Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is home to a large range of birds, both resident and migratory. Migratory geese and Siberian cranes spend the winter in Sultanpur and there are also the demoiselle cranes, ruddy shelducks, pelicans, flamingoes, bar-headed geese, grey lags, gadwalls, mallards, pochards, shovellers and teals. Local species include plovers, red-wattled lapwings, herons, cormorants, white ibises, spoonbills and painted storks.Other wildlife in the park include blackbuck, nilgai, hog deer, sambar, wild dog or dhole, caracal, wild cat, hedgehog, mongoose, striped hyena, Indian porcupine, rattle/honey badger, leopard, wild pig, and four horned antelope.

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary was one of the favourite haunts of the ornithologist Late Dr. Salim Ali. There are hide outs, watch towers and a museum of sorts for those keen on serious study of the birds.

It’s not just the nip in the air after sunset that is signalling the arrival of winter. Last year, Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary wore a busy look once more with the arrival of 5,000 migratory birds of various types. This number is expected to increase considerably by the end of the season. The flow of migratory birds to the sanctuary had dwindled drastically in the last few years as the lake had dried up.

The winter months from November-March offers an excellent opportunity for the school groups, corporate houses, family groups and individuals to visit this renowned bird sanctuary and enjoy the week end in the natural environs. The shallow lake and scrubby woodland is an ideal location for holiday seekers.

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Sohna- Weekend drive from Delhi

Where: Located 24 km from the Gurgaon city on the highway from Gurgaon to Alwar; situated at a distance of 56 km from Delhi.

Sohna is a town in Gurgaon district with scenic health-cum-holiday resort built over Aravallis offers an amzing vista, which looks out of this world, especially during night time. A Barbet Hut complete with its own sitting area and an attached kitchen for tourists has been put together by Haryana government . A motel wing has air-conditioned rooms for stay. A four bed dormitory, family huts and simple camper huts have been built for every-budget tourists. The resort is laced with several amenities like bar, restaurant, green lawns, spa complex with sauna, sulphur and steam bath facilities for the tourists, mini splash pool are also available. There is also a small swimming pool, filled with water emitted from a wall mural.

Every year in the month of February, Sohna plays host to the Statesman Vintage Car Rally & Haryana Tourism organizes a mela to mark the occasion.

Sohna provides a unique experience to pilgrims and weekend tourists with its abundance of hot water springs. The water is strongly sulphurous and its temperature varies from 46°C to 51.7 °C.

In ancient times, Sohna is believed to be the abode of hermits and it’s a widespread belief among the devotees that throng here, that the main kund ( tank) called Shiv Kund has medicinal properties and curative effect. Another great attraction is Damdama Lake which is famous for its boating and pictureous landscape.

Delhi Tourism arranges for camping and parasailing at the lake.

Opening Time: 10 am- 6:30 pm

For Tarrif and Details Contact

Adventure Tourism Division Dilli Haat – Pitam Pura Near TV Tower, New Delhi – 110 034 Tel. :- 27310189

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Kanwar Shikha: Para Sailing near Delhi

Where: 5 kms off Sohana, which itself is located on the highway from Gurgaon to Alwar. Sohna is 56 kms from Delhi.

At Kanwar Shikha Delhi tourism organizes parasailing, which gives wings to you.

A day long trip will send you back by

Rs. 275/- (inclusive of meals).

Rs. 175(without meals)

Min. group size: 25

Parasailing is organized by the Delhi Toursin authority at Kanwar Shikha 5 kms from Sohna. Parasailing is a thrilling activity wherein a person with a parachute is tied to the end of jeep or a boat with a rope. When the jeep or boat starts to move, you are lifted high up in the air due to wind resistance. Parasailing is possible about 60kms from Delhi at the Kanwar Shikha Lake in Harayana.

For Tarrif and Details Contact

Adventure Tourism Division
Dilli Haat – Pitam PuraNear TV Tower,
New Delhi – 110 034
Tel. :- 27310189

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Hot Water Springs at Vajreshwari

Where: 81 km north of Mumbai

Vajreshwari is an off beat destination, offering hot springs bounty to those who’d like to take a dip or more.

Vajreshwari Temple serves as the nucleus of the town. A kilometer off is Akloli Kund, famed for its seven hot springs which are channeled into 5 feet deep cement tanks. The springs are forever in a running mould, but are susceptible to cause minor burns to those unaccustomed to their temperature. The river Tansa flows right behind the springs.

Nityanand Mandir, dedicated to a holy sage, lies about 2 km from Vajreshwari, in Ganeshpuri. There are three hot spring tanks here, along with the Agni Kund, which is so hot that you can dip a bundle of rice here and it will be done in minutes.

There is also the Shri Gurudev Ashram, open to the public. One need to be in traditional attire to enter the precincts of this spiritual abode.

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Rock Climbing at Dhauj

Rock Climbing


Where: 20 kms from Faridabad on the Faridabad Sohna Road. 40 km away from the city of Delhi and is nestled in the Aravalli Hills

Rock climbing activity is organized in Delhi the whole year through. You can test your stamina & endurance at Delhi Tourism’s organized one day and four days of rock climbing at Dhauj.

Stomach Rappeling being demonstrated

Dhauj, located in the Aravalli range of mountains, has hard granite rocks perfect for rock climbing & related sports. Apart from providing one of the best rock climbing sites, it is game for adventure sports of all kinds. Dhauj is a village situated between two hilly ranges. The rock climbing area, which is by the side of Dhauj Lake is further 1.5 kms from the village. Dhauj is 7 kms far from Delhi Chattarpur border near Mangar Village in Faridabad District, Haryana. Dhauj has been a popular haunt of the Delhi climbers for last couple of decades. The rocky zones are well classified and graded for basic, intermediary, advanced & experimental climbing. There are areas like Mughals, Shivaliks, Pantheon and Basic. There are a variety of boulders and overhangs excellent for climbing & rappelling activities. Replete with ample rocks & lake, it is a haven for both climbers & bird watchers. The cliff overlooks a reservoir and is a fine place for bird watching.

Dhauj Campsite

For Tarrif and Details Contact

Adventure Tourism Division
Dilli Haat – Pitam PuraNear TV Tower,New Delhi – 110 034
Tel. :- 27310189

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Cheezy titbits on Karnala

Where: 61 Km South of Mumbai, on the Mumbai- Goa highway.

The Karnala ‘Thums Up’ peak- shaped thumb like- is a landmark one cannot miss while driving down the highway. Karnala Fort is an ideal haunt for a weekend trek up the hill. Close enough is the Karnala Bird Sanctuary, home to over 150 species of birds and frequented by several migratory species in the season- November to February.

You can shop for plant saplings from the nurseries on the way and also stock up on nature based products like sandal & neem oils, handloom stuff, soaps from the Yusuf Meherally Centre.

Karnala Thums Up Peak

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Karnala Thums Up Pinnacle

Karnala Thums Up Peak- Fantastic eye catcher on Mum- Goa Highway

Karnala Fort provides an interesting background to the 1538- ft- high volcanic peak, known locally as the ‘Thums Up’ peak.

The fort houses a small Bhavani Temple where devotees make routine coconut and mogra, genda fool offerings.

There are lot of black faced langurs who watch passers by, probably chanting the slogan ‘No Trespassers Allowed’.

The base of the pinnacle used to be a favourite meditative haunt of monks of buddhist origin who followed the path of Gautam.

More about Karnala later…..

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Sights around Mysore: Talkad


Situated on the banks of the river Cauvery, the Kritti Narayana Temple, also known as the Vaideshwara Temple is completely buried beneath sand dunes. The temple comes to life when it is excavated once every 12 years during the Panchalinga Darshan.

Where: 130 kms from Bangalore in the district Mysore.

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A little about Mysore Dasara Festival

140 kms from Bangalore.

Mysore is known as the City of Palaces. Situated in the southern part of the Deccan Plateau, Mysore District is a tableland at 770m above sea level, also, covered in parts by granite and forests.  It  has played a significant role in the history of South India.  Mysore District is a popular tourist destination, offering several attractions ranging from the regal splendour of Mysore City and its fabulous Dasara Festival to exquisite temples, pilgrimage centres and scenic spots.

Dasara Festival (Oct) in Mysore

This annual festival commemorates the victory of the Goddess Chamundi over the demon Mahishasura. There are pageants, parades, and music. The palace is lit up. On the last day, soldiers march in ceremonial dress, along with the cavalry, infantry, caparisoned elephants, colourful tableaux from the palace gates to Bani Mantap, where the torchlight parade and a magnificent display of horsemanship mark the grand finale.

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Bird Haunts around Bangalore: Kaggaladu Heronry

Where: Located 129 kms from Bangalore and 64 kms from Tumkur.

Painted storks and grey herons nest on old tamarind trees in a nondescript village in Tumkur district. This is the only place in Karnataka where these species nest side by side. The birds live in perfect harmony and mutual tolerance with the villagers and enjoy their protection – a perfect example of peaceful co-existence between man and nature.

Best Season: June- November

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